Why Cash in on Your Authentic Voice?

Here are 5 important reasons for you to attend the
Cash in on Your Authentic Voice event:

   1. You want to discover how to use your natural gifts and talents so you can use them to earn income.

   2. You are spending your working hours on a job that you do not enjoy.

  3. You are a speaker looking to improve your skills or become a highly paid professional speaker.

   4. You would benefit from improving your relationships through communicating better with yourself and others.

   5. You are seeking more clarity in your life so you can make better decisions.

Attending will benefit you in many ways:

   ~We will help you discover your authentic voice so you can leverage it to bring more joy and satisfaction to your life.

   ~Finding your authentic voice leads you to improved communication skills that lead to better relationships with yourself and others.

   ~You will learn what is really important to you so you can manage your life with greater efficiency and less effort.

   ~You will discover your core message/purpose/goals in life so you can cash in on your authentic voice! 

   ~You will meet and network with many like-minded people.

   ~You will grow in unexpected ways that will delight you!

   ~You will gain answers to questions about yourself that you have probably never considered.
It's a great way to spend your day learning about you, deepening your self-awareness, gaining clarity about your life, tweaking your thoughts and confirming your path and next steps.

Join us. You will not be disappointed.

And by the way, it's FREE!


Norma T. Hollis


Norma developed the Cash in on Your Authentic Voice event after thirty years of research about authenticity and twelve years operating a speakers bureau. She will be speaking and sharing her wisdom in Los Angeles and Detroit to help you learn all about finding, living, sharing and cashing in on your authentic voice.

Angela Relph


Angela is the senior Authenticity Ambassador in Detroit. She is committed to authenticity and has great passion about making the world a more authentic place. Angela's professional background is in the real estate and human care industries. She has interesting perspectives of what it means to be authentic and will share them at the Cash in on Your Authentic Voice event in Detroit.

Michael Wynn

Authenticity Coach

Michael is a coach who uses the concepts of authenticity in his coaching practice. He has an extensive background in financial management, fraud prevention and serving others.  Michael will be speaking at the Detroit event and will share thoughts and experiences about how you gain and share abundance as well how your habits impact your life.


Each program is unique for its community.

All programs begin with an explanation of the nine dimensions of authenticity, an introduction to the Authenticity Grid and taking the Authenticity Assessment. As a result of taking the Authenticity Assessment you will learn your Authenticity Factor, your most authentic voice and the most natural way for you to live your authentic voice.

We will help you express your authentic voice and identify ways to 'cash in' through a deeper interpretation of your Authenticity Assessment scores, speaking tips and coaching.

It's a unique and dynamic way to deepen self-awareness, reclaim your authentic path in life and step into being your true authentic self while cashing in on your authentic voice.

June 11, 2016

10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Registration starts at 
9:30 am

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Take the Authenticity Assessment, get your authenticity score and deepen your self-awareness  

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Get coached while learning speaking tips and how to apply the dimensions of authenticity to your life and career.


Our program is currently offered in Dallas, Los Angeles and Detroit. If you are not able to attend in one of these cities, let us know and we will explore offering Cash in on Your Authentic Voice in your city. Next program is in Detroit on June 11.

Courtyard Marriott
333 E. Jefferson
Detroit, MI

JUNE 11, 2016

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Questions always come up about events like this, and we want to save you some time by providing you with answers to some of the questions that we see a lot. Don’t hestitate to reach out with further questions.

  • Who is sponsoring this event?
    The event is sponsored by Authenticity U, a personal development company whose purpose is to hep YOU understand YOU. We offer online courses and live events to deepen self-awareness through understanding personal authenticity.
  • Why is this event important?
    Everyone benefits from deepened self-awareness. At our events you take a journey inside of yourself and find aspects of self that maybe you didn't know existed. This self-awareness helps you in everything you do in life.
    "I will always remember this weekend as the "catalyst" that propelled me into purposed action to write my career services & soft skills professional guide. Thank you for that enormous "flash" of inspiration. Cheers!"  
    Rita Clark
    Associate Director of Career Services
    Dorsey Schools, Detroit
    "Just a note of thanks for the incredible seminar on Saturday. The event was amazing and I feel I learned so much from in only a day. I wish greatest blessings possible. Thank you for your authentic you."  
    June Edmonds
    Los Angeles
    "Thanks for sharing this information so freely with us! What an inspiration! You make it sound so easy. You are helping us to believe in ourselves again! Thank you! You will be blessed."
    Dovie Gray, Atlanta, GA
    "I have attended seminars for years on how to become a speaker and it took you five minutes of your time to create a 'break-through' and give me knowledge that I did not know existed. God bless you."
    Norma Bryant Howard, Atlanta, GA